Blue Veins Around the Eyes

SomeiStock_000017432041XSmall-300x199 people have unsightly blue veins around the eyes that can give the appearance of dark circles. These veins can be quite noticeable if the skin is thin or if the veins are located superficially. They can be difficult to cover up with makeup and many patients are seeking a more permanent solution.

Larger blue veins around the eyes can now be effectively treated with a number of different modalities including Laser vein treatments, Vein Gogh therapy and traditional sclerotherapy. These unsightly veins can be eliminated with no downtime and minimal risk. You will notice their complete and instant elimination in a short 10 – 15 minute treatment session. Usually, just one treatment is required. You can return to work or regular activities the same day. Discomfort is minimal as these advanced laser treatments have outstanding contact cooling mechanisms.