Do I really need to wear those stockings on my legs?

Leg compression is important to achieve the best possible results from all of our vein treatments. They have become so essential that their use is considered the standard of care in the treatment of venous disease. We will simply not manage cases without using them in conjunction with our treatments. If you are told that they are not necessary, or treatments can be done without them, you are being misinformed.

Aside from improving the outcomes of your treatments, compression therapy will also help protect your legs from developing blood clots in the veins. Graded compression hose – stockings that are tighter around the ankles and looser around the thigh – provide the best leg compression.  We typically ask our patients to wear the stockings as much as they can, during day time hours, for one to two weeks after treatments.

In addition, given the fact that all insurance companies require a period of conservative therapy with prescription stockings, we provide our patients the opportunity to purchase these stockings here at the office at wholesale prices. Since we understand that this represents an additional expense to our patients, we offer them at our cost, as we purchase these stockings in bulk and can negotiate lower prices for our patients. These prices are identical or even lower than what you can expect to pay at retail outlets that may offer generic and most often inferior quality stockings.

Our office supplies our patients with the finest quality hosiery, which is individually custom fitted to their legs. We do not have small, medium and large.  After sampling many different brands, we have found Bauerfind stockings to be the best. They are graded in the amount of pressure that they apply to the legs and are custom fitted to each individual patient based on multiple leg measurements. They are easy to use and wearable during the summer months as compared to previous brands we have tried. In addition, they are not comparable to standard hose found at drug outlets or surgical supply stores.

However, we understand that some patients will have already purchased stockings from prior treatments, and as long as they meet the minimum requirements set out by your insurance carrier, we will allow you to use these in conjunction with our treatments. Be aware that although they may meet the minimum standard and may be acceptable, since we believe that the highest quality hose lead to superior results, we cannot predict the outcomes that we have documented over the years with our Bauerfind stockings.