Your Legs Take You Everywhere!

Your legs take you everywhere, and the mosaic patterns of red capillaries and various shades of blue veins may represent a reminder of life’s memorable moments. The result of running after your two year old, or even countless curfew paces back and forth in your living room. Or, a spider vein could simply be a sign that your genetic disposition is catching up with you. Whatever the case, these memorable masterpieces could really be the sign of a much deeper and more serious issue.

Spider veins form from high pressure in the venous system. This in turn forces the thin walled veins to expand. These engorged capillaries then expand to several times their normal size forming spider veins. Spider veins may be associated with “feeder veins” or underlying varicose veins and once a vein has become varicose it will not go back to its normal size or shape.

If left untreated, severe varicose veins can ultimately lead to chronic leg swelling, eczema-type symptoms, skin thickening and discoloration, and even ulcerations that will not heal until the veins are treated.

Advancements in treatment have replaced painful primitive methods of vein stripping with quick, relatively painless, outpatient procedures, which require minimal downtime for recovery.

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